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Even if you’re familiar with the game’s first installment, Guild Wars: Eye of the North Expansion, it’s easy to get lost in the sequel’s massive changes. Let our Guild Wars 2 game guides help you.

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We have a lot to offer you on this website, and we tried our best to provide you with the most accurate and useful tips and secrets for GW2.

The site is divided into several sections which will:

  • walk you through the game’s background story, races and professions (the so called guild wars 2 classes),
  • help you discover leveling tips and strategies for each race and character,
  • help you learn the skills of Cooking, Crafting or Gold making (among others),
  • help you discover boss guides which will help you defeat them as quickly as possible
  • show you many more tips…

Keep reading and you will know what you’re up against and what’s best for your own in-game character.

Here is a glance of what you can find on this website:

GW2 Beginner’s Guide

There are so many things you need to understand in order to fully enjoy the Guild Wars 2 game experience. If you are playing for the first time this game, then this guide is for you.

You will find out more about Tyria and the Zones, learn about the Race Starting Area, read about each race and all the professions (previously called “Guild wars 2 classes”) and lots more. [... read more ]


Power Leveling Guide

Earning XP in GW2 is what will help you level up, so the more XP you’ve earned, the quicker your character will reach a higher level. Although the ways in which you can earn XP in Guild Wars 2 are extremely fun, if you just want to power level, then this guide is for you.

No need to waste time on small quests and boring adventures that take just oo long.

Discover a few tips and tricks as well as unknown secrets to power leveling and getting your character as strong as possible as quicker as possible. [...read more]


GW2 Gold Guide

Gold Gold Gold! Everyone wants more of it and everyone wants to spend it however he or she pleases.

Aside the traditional ways of getting and spending gold coins in Guild Wars 2, this guide will show you cool tricks to obtain not jsut those precious gold/silver/copper coins, but other forms of currency that very few are aware of.

Find out how to obtain this currency and the types of items you can buy with them. You’ll be in for a surprise. [...read more]


GW2 Leveling Guide

If you prefer to spend some time in the game and not power through, then power leveling might not be for you.

Instead a complete leveling guide will much more suit your needs as it will show you how to take any character, from any race, and level up using some tips and tricks very few are aware about. Why settle for any ordinary weapon when you know you can obtain a much better one?

Why doing boring quests to earn very little XP when you can do some cool little known quests and earn lots of experience points? [...read more]


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Most people who land on our website are looking for GW2 guides, tips, tricks and all sort of tutorials to make their game experience a bit easier.

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